Who are we?

CheatPlus is for exploiters, and cheaters all across the world. We review, and help you find the best free exploits so that you don’t have to spend hours looking for safe downloads or exploits that actually work.

We do all the hard work and ensure that all exploits we review are tested using our 3 step security system, involving testing outgoing connections on programs, monitoring their behaviour in a system and finally what modifications are made during our usage.

Our Designers

Our designers create images such as these to provide a clean experience and to give you a preview of the exploit that you’re about to download. We always make sure to provide the most quality pages, full of details about your download and things we noticed while using the software we review.

How to Safely Download KRNL – Full Lua Exploit

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How to Fly in ANY Roblox Game

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Guide on how you can download free Roblox exploits the easiest way in 2021. Full guide on how to download cheats and exploits for the Roblox site.

How to Safely Download JJSploit – 1st Best Free Exploit for Roblox

This guide teaches you how to safely download JJSploit which is one of the best free exploits for Roblox of all time and can execute near full Lua scripts.

Flame – Free Command Exploit – Download

Why is Flame a Good Exploit? I’m on fire with this site! – No but for real, this exploit is not just a flame, IT’S STRAIGHT FIRE! Including commands pre-built into the interface, an …