Flame – Free Command Exploit – Download

Why is Flame a Good Exploit?

I’m on fire with this site! – No but for real, this exploit is not just a flame, IT’S STRAIGHT FIRE! Including commands pre-built into the interface, an executor, and fast injection making it one of the best exploits in 2021.

This exploit can also execute mostly all Lua scripts meaning it is a Level 6/7 executor and is perfect for just about anybody as any script you try will execute with fast speeds and limited crashes.

Images are designed for CheatPlus and is not an actual screenshot of the exploit.

Who is Flame for?

Flame is for people who want something more than an executor, if you’re looking for great commands with an Interface that’s easy to understand and doesn’t clutter your screen, then this is for you. Flame takes UI to the next level and brings the firey orange interface that bundles everything you need to exploit together.

My Opinion

Overall, I believe that Flame has a great UI, fast injection, fast execution, and great commands which excels it to the top of its game. It’s a blazingly quick and free exploit that just redefines command UI’s, there are no tabs, everything is in one place so there’s no confusion about what things are where and you can access your favourite commands as soon as you open it.

Download replaced with a newer exploit 🙂